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2003 Co-starred in the romantic drama "The Scoundrel's Wife"
2000 Appeared in the sex-themed suspense thriller "Mercy", aired on HBO
2000 Acted in Figgis' experimental "Timecode", a presentation of four fully improvised movies filmed in a single take and exhibited on a quadruple split screen
2000 Played King Louis XIV in Roland Joffe's "Vatel", the story of a chef and entertainer hired to fete the monarch
1999 Reteamed with Figgis, starring in the episodic "The Loss of Sexual Innocence"
1999 Starred as "The Phantom of the Opera" in Dario Argento's reworking of the classic tale
1997 Appeared in the Mike Figgis drama "One Night Stand"
1996 Had a guest starring role on an episode of "Chicago Hope" (CBS)
1995 Had a supporting role in Figgis' "Leaving Las Vegas"
1995 Acted in the ABC TV-movie "The Great Elephant Escape"
1994 Played a leftist German author encountering the rise of facism in 1920s Italy in Klaus Maria Bransauer's "Mario and the Magician"
1994 Co-starred in Mike Figgis' "The Browning Version", the first of several collaborations with the director
1993 Starred in Jennifer Chambers Lynch's notorious directorial debut "Boxing Helena"
1993 Reprised titular role in "Warlock: The Armageddon"
1992 Acted in TNT's "Grand Isle", a TV-movie drama based on Kate Chopin's "The Awakening"
1991 Had a supporting role in David Cronenberg's ambitious "Naked Lunch"
1991 Played Franz Liszt in James Lapine's "Impromptu" and Gustav Jung in Carlo Lizzani's "Cattiva"
1990 Had a starring role in "Il Sole anche di notte", a Italian-French co-production helmed by the Taviani brothers
1990 Featured in the thriller "Arachnophobia"
1989 Starred as a 17th-century "Warlock" in Steve Miner's time travel adventure
1988 Featured in the quirky psychic comedy "Vibes"
1987 Starred in the Robert Altman-directed ABC TV-movie presentation "The Room", based on Harold Pinter's one-act play
1986 Had a memorable featured role in the Merchant-Ivory production "A Room With a View"
1986 Played Percy Bysshe Shelley in "Gothic", a Ken Russell film based loosely upon the memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
1985 Featured in the NBC TV-movie "Romance on the Orient Express"
1984 Had a featured role in Roland Joffe's "The Killing Fields"
1984 Appeared in the comedy "Oxford Blues"
1982 First appearance in feature film, "Privates on Parade"; had one-line part
1981 TV debut in "A Married Man" on England's Channel Four (syndicated in 1984)
Founded small theater company that performed in schools and youth clubs
First film appearance in Derek Jarman short, "Broken English"


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