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Her Name Is Carla
Her Name is Carla is set to be released December 27th.

In Jay Anania's claustrophobic chiller, a pair of strangers violate
the idyllic atmosphere at the seaside home of a reclusive couple. As
the air becomes choked with sexual tension and threats of violence,
the situation builds to a horrifying climax. With Julian Sands,
Julianne Nicholson, Mina Badie, and Max Beesley.

Two strangers visit the lovely seaside home of a reclusive couple, but
then refuse to leave. As a menacing air of sexual tension and imminent
violence pervades every moment, the four adults move inexorably toward
a conclusion that is both horrifying and inevitable. Writer/Director
Jay Anania creates a weaving and original psychological mystery,
completely unique within the genre in its style and tone.


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